Level up your game nights with gameboard

Gameboard: Social gaming console that brings people together. We are a community of gamers who love to play together.

Sign up today and be among the first to host game nights with friends and family, meet new gamers, and immerse yourself in your favorite games with physical game pieces and stunning visuals.

22-Inch Playable Touchscreen

1920x1920 perfect square.

SenseScreen Display

Compatible with physical game pieces, such as minis. Gameboard ships with physical pieces. Players can use their own, too.


Stereo Speakers & Microphones. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Open Platform

Open Software Development Kit, any developer can create content for Gameboard. We support both Unity & Unreal built Games.

Play Day & Night

64GB Internal Storage with Expandable SD Card Slot, and 4GB DDR4 RAM.


One USB-C Input (data pass-through) and One HDMI Output.

Gameboard Specs

Crafted with a deep understanding and appreciation for a myriad of tabletop games, every Gameboard is a testament to personalized craftsmanship.

Each unit is individually hand-made, reflecting a commitment to quality that goes beyond the norm. Rigorous quality checks ensure that every Gameboard delivered is nothing short of perfection, offering an unmatched gaming experience that truly stands out.

Group Geeking out is encouraged

No tablet, no tv, and no touchscreen can do what Gameboard can do.

There is no technology in the pieces. Players can even 3D print their own game pieces. Join our discord and sign up to learn more.

Gameboard has a patented technology that allows players to use real game pieces on the surface. Standard game pieces for role-playing games and meeple towers are shipped with Gameboard.

Use your minis in virtual play

Want to play D&D (or other board games) remotely with a friend or family member, but miss being able to use your minis (or chess pieces)?

Now you can use your minis and so can your opponent! As you move your character across the board, remote players can see your moves in real-time with virtual tokens on their Gameboard, and vice-versa!

Our Ever Growing Game Library

Never run out games to play with our ever expanding gaming library. We partner with the best developers and publishers in the world to bring a wide variety of content to your Gameboard. Search through our library to find whichever game calls you in that moment. Users can filter games based on genre, number of players, and more!

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Built for gamers, by gamers
Explore an ever-growing library of games

We partner with the best board game studios in the world to bring cardboard to life. Just select game you want to play and Gameboard becomes it.

True Multiplayer

All at the same time - with physical or digital pieces or objects with our unprecedented touch technology.

Unlimited Gaming Bundle

For a limited time, get your Unlimited Gaming Bundle for $799 (as soon as it's available for ordering).

After that, you are in control of your experience. Keep unlimited gaming access for $15/month or buy individual games at their listed prices.

Traditional meets technology
games are action & people oriented

Enjoy subtle animation, and immersive sounds as your beloved cardboard games come to life.

dont worry about setup & takedown

... or even losing game pieces. Gameboard effortlessly sets up the board by orienting the play surface based on where the player is sitting.

remote & ai ready

If you're gathered around your Gameboard and missing a player, you can have an AI take their place or have your friend join remotely.

gameboard's companion app puts the power in your hands

Hide and arrange your hand. Steal cards from another player. Throw digital dice from across the table (or across the world for that matter). Gameboard’s Companion App extends the play experience far beyond the board without losing the face-to-face interaction.

Gamers love gameboard

"The Last Gameboard has the making of what I’ve wanted for years. A digital all in one board game console, that combines the best of physical and digital games. With 8 Player local play, online play, and the promise of big board game publishers on board, the future looks bright"


"Gameboard is an awesome invention to play board games on. Whether by yourself or with friends locally or even remotely. It can be stand-alone, assisted with the companion app, or assisted with your own DnD terrain and characters. This truly is the LastGameBoard you will ever need!"


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