Introducting the ultimate social, tabletop gaming platform: Gameboard-1.

Welcome to the world’s first tabletop gaming platform that blends physical, digital, private screen and augmented reality to bring your social gameplay into the 21st century.

Our Vision

Subscribe to a library of board games and arcade games

One Platform

A single marketplace to purchase or subscribe to any game.

Gameboard-1 enhances, without replacing, your social interactions

One Community

An intentional return to social gameplay enhanced by technology, not replaced by it.

Cutting edge technology to augment game play how you like to play

One Board

A revolutionary device to bridge the physical, digital and social worlds of gameplay.

We are incredibly excited to bring you Gameboard-1, the world’s first arcade and board game console. We partner with some of the best names in hobby, arcade and mid-core gaming around, and have created a platform that allows you to access the entire library of content with one subscription.  Combined with our ability to use physical pieces or augmented reality pieces on a digital game in physical or networked play, you’re game nights will never be the same.



While the tech is incredible, our emphasis remains on building your community.  We want Gameboard-1 to be the facilitator for better, deeper and more meaningful social interactions to help you build your community.


Games and Counting

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Our Promise to Our Game Creators

Our mission is to create a community of developers to share game engine and game mechanic source code to enable continual refinement and democratization of the game making process.  This results in better game play for all of our content creators and consumers. We want partners who will push the capabilities of the platform and innovate in ways we haven’t dreamed.



We will never compete with our game creator partners.  We perpetually want to enable you to innovate within this digital and physical blended world.

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