The Last Gameboard

Introducing the ultimate social, tabletop gaming platform: Gameboard-1.

Welcome to the world’s first tabletop gaming platform that blends physical, digital, private screen and augmented reality to bring your social gameplay into the 21st century.

Our Vision

One Platform

A single marketplace to purchase or subscribe to any game.

One Community

An intentional return to social gameplay enhanced by technology, not replaced by it.

One Board

A revolutionary device to bridge the physical, digital and social worlds of gameplay.


In today's digitally-native world, it's hard to connect with my daughter in a meaningful way. Gameboard-1 is that way.

– Matt S., Parent

I'm onboard! I'd use it for pre-made battle maps for D&D. My players love being able to look at a map and I love props but being able to zoom in and see distances via a grid is super helpful. Being able to update the the display quickly to show new maps, mood images, or character art through my iPhone is a game changer for sure.

– Jake Y., Gamemaster

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