List of Gameboard Sub-Processors

Last Modified: December 21, 2021

The Last Gameboard, Inc. (“Gameboard”) uses Sub-processors to support the provision of certain Gameboard products and services ordered by a User under Terms of Use or a Platform Distribution Agreement (the “Services”). This page provides important information about the identity, location and role of each Sub-processor.

Capitalized terms used in this documentation are defined in the Gameboard Terms of Use, Platform Distribution Agreement and/or Data Processing Addendum.

What is a Sub-processor

A Sub-processor is any processor engaged by Gameboard, including Gameboard Affiliates, that processes certain User Data as necessary to support delivery of the Services. Gameboard engages different types of Sub-processors to perform various functions as explained in the tables below.

Updates to the Sub-processor List

Gameboard will make updates to the Sub-processor list via this website. Please check back frequently for updates. Gameboard will also provide the owner of User’s account with notice of any new Sub-processors in accordance with and where required by the applicable agreement between Gameboard and User.

Due Diligence

Gameboard performs due diligence on the information security practices and data protection compliance of all third party Sub-processors and requires each to commit to written obligations regarding their security controls and applicable regulations for the protection of personal data, including safeguards to govern international transfers of data.

Infrastructure Sub-processors

Gameboard may use the following Sub-processors to host User Data or provide other infrastructure that helps with delivery of the Services:

Entity Name Sub-processing Activities Entity Country, Inc. Cloud Service Provider USA, Germany
Heroku (, Inc.) Cloud Service Provider USA, Germany
Amazon Web Services, Inc. Cloud Service Provider USA, Germany
Google, LLC. Web Services, Cloud Computing USA, Germany

Other Sub-processors

Gameboard may use the following Sub-processors to perform other Service functions:

Entity Name Sub-processing Activities Entity Country
Zendesk, Inc. Customer Service Software USA
Facebook (Meta Platforms, Inc.) Customer Service Software USA
Emotive (317 Labs, Inc.) Cloud Marketing Software USA
ActiveCampaign, LLC. Cloud Marketing Software USA

Objecting to a Sub-processor

Users may object to a Sub-processor per the Data Processing Addendum (where applicable). To object to a Sub-processor, User must submit its objection, along with their name, company name and name of the Gameboard service, name of Sub-processor, and grounds for objection (see the Data Processing Addendum for further information).