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You Lucky Duck! Just by signing up for the Gameboard SDK, we’re waiving our Annual Development Fee (value $99). 

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Development Program:
  • Onboarding assistance
  • Direct Access to engineer team
  • Early access to updates
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    What is Gameboard

    Gameboard is the most advanced 3D-touch enabled tabletop game board system. Ever. And it’s launching next year, giving your fans the ability to play your game anytime, anywhere, with anyone. But only if your game is on the board! How does that happen, you ask?

    Gameboard SDK

    The Gameboard simulator gives you the complete ability to build & test your games for Gameboard, right now.

    We also have some pretty rad stuff, we are developing for Gameboard like 3D touch (hover tech), integrating cards, meeples, and other game pieces!

    Port your Unity, Unreal, or Android-based games onto Gameboard.

    So, answer the short survey (yeah, we know – another survey) and take our SDK for a spin!