Frequently Asked Questions

Seriously, can I use any real or digital piece?

Gameboard can detect physical shapes or actively tagged objects. Furthermore, we can detect the location, orientation and identification of the object(s) when used with the board.

How do dice work?

We have 3 methods for integrating dice into gameplay:

  1. Digital Dice - Every game that requires dice will have the option to use a digital dice mechanism within Gameboard. This ensures no specialized equipment or private screens are needed to play any game.
  2. Shake & Roll - When connecting your private screen device, you can download the companion app for a more physical “feel” of shaking digital dice and see them digitally “cast” onto the surface of Gameboard.
  3. Bluetooth Dice - For the technophile game-lovers, we are working with several partners to bring their bluetooth dice to Gameboard. Throw the dice anywhere and Gameboard will be able to read the result.

Can I play card games?

Gameboard supports digital cards through your private screen, as well as the ability to read tagged cards either alone or in a stack, and also sense individual physical cards placed on the surface of Gameboard.

How big is Gameboard?

Gameboard has a 22" playable screen in a 17" x 17" sleek form factor.

Do you need to be connected to play?

No. A lot of effort has gone into ensuring Gameboard provides a great and seamless user experience. Simply download the game you want prior to going offline and connect private screens using the local WiFi option with Gameboard.

What is network play?

Network play allows anyone who has a Gameboard to play with another player who also has a Gameboard. Each remote user can use their own physical pieces and see their opponent/coop player’s digital pieces.

Can I play with a friend?

Yes! You can play with friends who own a Gameboard or invite them over for a game night!

Where can I purchase Gameboard?

Right now, you can only purchase Gameboard through the Last Gameboard website.

I paid a $39 reservation previously. How can I deduct it once I purchase?

If you reserved your Gameboard before, then deducting it from your full order is easy. Click here to start your order. Your $39 reservation will be deducted automatically at checkout.

(Note: you must use the same email address you used when you made a reservation).

Do I need to subscribe to Gameboard?

No. We enable our game creators to provide either purchase or subscription based models. If you would like to purchase a game in perpetuity, simple select that option and consolidate your “shelfie” into a virtual “shelfie” in Gameboard.

Should you choose to subscribe, you will have unlimited access to our entire game library, giving you access to the same local gameplay, but also extends to networked play on the interwebs. In addition, subscriptions allow access to expansion packs and updated content from game creators.

Will Gameboard ship outside the US?

Yes, but only to Canada & Mexico at this time. Look for updates on international shipping soon.

Is Gameboard available in different languages?

Unfortunately not at this time. Look for updates soon.

Can I play for free?

A player can join any Gameboard play session in person without cost!

Which games are on Gameboard?

Check out the #announcements channel on Discord for game lists and announcements.

Who develops games for Gameboard?

We work with any game developer who wants to publish their games on our platform.

Will you be adding new games?

All the time!

How can I get my game onto Gameboard?

Gameboard allows for independent developers to add their games to the Gameboard game library. Start by downloading the Gameboard SDK here.

What is GOS?

The GOS is an Android (AOSP) based operating system that has been enhanced to take advantage of Gameboard technology and skinned to provide users a new clean tabletop experience that doesn’t feel like a tablet or a phone.

Given many developers will use high level tools such as Unity and Unreal Engine, the choice of the underlying OS is not as important as it first appears. The ultimate driving factor will be end user experience.

How long does the Gameboard’s battery last?

Gameboard’s battery gives you two (2) hours of nonstop, mind-blowing game play. But don’t worry, you can also play while Gameboard is plugged in.