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You Have Been Chosen

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About Us

Origin Story

We are game fans. And when we set out to create Gameboard, we didn’t just want to make another digital copy of the board game. That’s been done. Instead, we set out to find what really makes tabletop games immersive, bringing imagination to life. The answer … it shouldn’t be too shocking … it’s you. The game community is what makes tabletop games really special.

So, our true origin story started with you.*

 origin image

Welcome to the Next Dimension. We Hope You Brought Your Dice

For more than three years, our team has been hyper-focused on enhancing the gameboard experience to bring you, the fan, a whole new dimension of gameplay. Our touch technology is off the hook and allows you to play with your own dice, cards and other game accessories. It wasn’t easy -- our top designers nearly went insane** just trying to get the water flow game working like real water -- that’s some insane coding right there.


Building A Bigger Boat

It’s like a gaming multiverse… a gamiverse?... or maybe gameverse? Anyway, with Gameboard, you can play someone across the board, down the block or around the world. With an ever-growing library, you can vanquish the undead, build kingdoms, or rule galaxies – all from the comfort of your own home.

Experience the Magic

And just like Jaws and pinatas, the magic on Gameboard is just below the surface. Real suspense. Deeper stories and characters await. Now get your Gameboard and crack that baby open*** and get ready to scream.



Welcome to Gameboard



* Royalties not included.
** No designers were harmed in the making of Gameboard or Gameboard products.
*** Please don’t literally crack the board open – there is no candy, just transistors and wires … but magical wires.
**** Please don’t literally jump onto the board, it will most definitely break.