What kind of Games can be played on Gameboard-1?

Classic Games, Board Games, Strategy Games, RPG Games, Arcade Games… our community’s imagination is the limit!

We are releasing our Software Development Kit in January 2020 with native, Unity and Unreal game maker support. Our mission is to provide a universe where game designers and developers can collectively build any type of game on the Gameboard.

How is Gameboard-1 different than any touchscreen?

Our patented Sense Screen technology is like nothing else today. We combine antennas with a completely novel use of touch screen data.  Our custom operating system, TLGOS, ties everything together and allows detection and identification of physical objects (pieces, cards, etc.).

Seriously, I can use any real or digital piece?

Gameboard-1 can detect physical shapes, passively tagged, or actively tagged objects. Furthermore, we can detect the location, orientation and identification of the object(s) when used with the board.

The tagged objects store about 2K of encrypted data, some of this is read only, but most of the storage can be used for user game data. This opens up a whole new category of play as, for example, a wizard piece could build XP and use those XPs automatically in their next turn, or you could take your pieces to a friends house and keep your XP without anything being stored in the cloud.

Active objects do contain a battery and electronics. These pieces have two way communication with the game board and could have buttons for additional user input or incorporate any number of other sensors.  Active pieces enhance what is possible in terms of interacting with users or even the environment in 3D gameplay.

All of these new mechanics allow us to enable gameplay and game styles far beyond what’s possible with a traditional or digital board game. We’ll provide generic bases with each Gameboard-1 to enable existing objects (e.g. Miniatures) for use on Gameboard-1.

Why is TLGOS Linux based?

We are developing on Linux as Android (non-AOSP) requires many Google Play services that restrict us from bringing you the magic of Gameboard-1.

The end user OS will be Android/AOSP derived as it is familiar to users as well as developers.  This will allow us to make use of mature tool chains and make sure we don’t reinvent the wheel.

Given many developers will use high level tools such as Unity and Unreal Engine, the choice of the underlying OS is not as important as it first appears. The ultimate driving factor will be end user experience.

How big is Gameboard-1?

Gameboard-1 has a ~ 16″ x 16″ playable display surface.  Our current prototype has a ~1″ bezel (~17″x17″ outer dimensions).  As we refine our final product, our goal is to reduce this bezel to as small as possible.  This will enable connecting multiple boards to expand the game real estate with limited interruption to the playing/visual surface.

Do I have to subscribe?

No.  We enable our game creators to provide either purchase or subscription based models.

If you would like to purchase a game in perpetuity, simple select that option and consolidate your “shelfie” into a virtual “shelfie” in Gameboard-1.

Should you choose to subscribe, you will have unlimited access to our entire game library.  This gives you access to the same local gameplay, but also extends to networked play on the interwebs.  In addition, subscriptions allow access to expansion packs and updated content from game creators.

Can I use Dice?

Yes. We have 4 methods for integrating dice into gameplay.

Digital Dice

Every game that requires dice will have the option to use a digital dice mechanism within Gameboard-1.  This ensures no specialized equipment or private screens are needed to play any game.

Shake & Roll

When connecting your private screen device, you can download the TLG app for a more physical “feel” of shaking digital dice and see them digitally “cast” onto the surface of Gameboard-1.

Dice Bowl Reader

We have a dice bowl reader that will allow you to use any dice that you have at home (up to five dice at once).

Bluetooth Dice

For the technophile game-lovers, we are working with several partners to bring their bluetooth dice to Gameboard-1.  Throw the dice anywhere and Gameboard-1 will be able to read the result.

Can I play card games?

We are working with some of the largest deck-building game makers out there.  We support digital cards through your private screen, as well as the ability to read tagged cards either alone or in a stack.

Do you need to be connected to play?

No. A lot of effort has gone into ensuring Gameboard-1 provides a great and seamless user experience.  Our goal has been to ensure the way you play a completely analog game is exactly how you’d play the digital version on Gameboard-1.

This includes the online experience.  We want people to use Gameboard-1 in the same environment they would use a traditional board game.  Simply download the game you want prior to going offline and connect private screens using the local WiFi option with Gameboard-1.

What is Network Play?

At its most basic level, Network Play is no different from what you’d find on any number of video game consoles today – playing online and chatting with other gamers.

On Gameboard-1, Network Play allows you to play the same game with another user anywhere in the world.  Each remote user can use their own physical pieces and see their opponent/coop player’s digital pieces.  Furthermore, when combined with augmented reality hardware, you could see their AR pieces as if they were sitting right there with you.

How much does Gameboard-1 cost?

The Kickstarter special starts at $349 to pre-order Gameboard-1.  These specials include three, six or 12 month unlimited access to our library of games.

How water-proof is Gameboard-1?

Party-foul? Toddlers?  We’ve got your back.

Gameboard-1 is being designed for IP64 protection.  For non-hardware geeks, this is an Ingress Protection (IP) rating that means:

  • Solids (6): No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact.
  • Splashing water (4): Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.

We run game nights.  We know the perils.

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