Exploring Innovation: Introducing Cube Brick and Checkerland on Gameboard
In the ever-evolving landscape of tabletop gaming, innovation is the name of the game. The introduction of Gameboard, has paved the way for independent gaming.
January 22, 2024
Robb Woods

In the ever-evolving landscape of tabletop gaming, innovation is the name of the game. The introduction of Gameboard, has paved the way for independent gaming developers to showcase their creativity and craft unique gaming experiences. In this blog post, we're thrilled to introduce you to two exciting games – Cube Brick by Swordlight Productions and Checkerland by Gaming Enhanced – both developed for the innovative Gameboard platform. 

Join us on a journey through these captivating worlds of cubes and checkers, and discover how independent developers are redefining the realm of tabletop gaming.

Cube Brick: A Twist on Dimensional Strategy

Cube Brick Gameplay Stills

Swordlight Productions takes center stage with their ingenious creation, Cube Brick. This game challenges players to navigate a world of cubes, each side adorned with vibrant colors. Your objective? To strategically jump and rotate cubes, aligning their sides according to your target orientation. As you master the art of precise jumps and rotations, your cubes lock into place, with their black edges vanishing into thin air. The goal is to have the most cubes locked in your desired orientation when the game concludes.

What sets Cube Brick apart is its dynamic gameplay and strategic depth. Swordlight Productions offers players a unique experience where every move counts. The game introduces an element of competition as players strive to outmaneuver their opponents and secure victory through skillful manipulation of the cube's rotations. With its immersive gameplay and innovative mechanics, Cube Brick promises hours of engaging fun for players of all ages.

Checkerland: Embark on a Colorful Checkers Adventure

Gaming Enhanced steps into the spotlight with Checkerland, a whimsical journey through diverse worlds of checkers. This inventive game invites players to explore various landscapes, each featuring its own distinctive checkers board. The twist? Players must uncover hidden challenges and secret stars while engaging in the classic game of checkers.

Checkerland shines as a testament to innovation in traditional games. The integration of hidden challenges and the pursuit of secret stars add layers of excitement and strategy to the timeless game of checkers. This enchanting world of colorful boards and hidden surprises promises a fresh and exciting experience for players seeking a novel twist on a beloved classic.

Celebrating Independent Game Developers

What makes these games even more remarkable is the fact that they are the brainchildren of independent gaming developers. Swordlight Productions and Gaming Enhanced have harnessed their creativity, passion, and dedication to craft gaming experiences that resonate with players on the Gameboard platform. These games embody the spirit of innovation that defines the gaming industry, proving that even in a digital age, the magic of tabletop gaming remains alive and thriving.

As we celebrate the launch of Cube Brick and Checkerland on Gameboard, we tip our hats to the independent game developers who continuously push the boundaries of what's possible in tabletop gaming. Their dedication to innovation enriches our gaming experiences and brings a fresh wave of excitement to our favorite pastime.

So, whether you're eager to conquer cubes in a dimensional strategy showdown or embark on a colorful checkers adventure, Cube Brick and Checkerland have something special in store for you. Explore these independent creations on the Gameboard platform, and let the games begin!