Last Gameboard Referral Program

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Spread the word. Earn commissions.

Welcome to our referral program! We’re inviting you to our exclusive referral program. For a limited time, you will earn a $50 commission for every successful referral you bring! Get your commissions when Gameboards are delivered to customers! Terms and conditions apply.

Create your account today, promote Gameboard to your network, and start earning commissions!

Referral terms and conditions.

    1. You must be 18 years or older to participate in this program.
    2. Participants may be asked questions on their plans to promote The Last Gameboard, Inc.
    3. Only approved marketing assets uploaded on the referral platform can be used to promote The Last Gameboard, Inc.
    4. Commissions will be processed and issued to eligible affiliates once the product(s) has been delivered to the customer. 
    5. Commissions of canceled, refunded, or returned products will be labeled as invalid/canceled.
    6. Users/affiliates will not earn commissions from reservations until the customer converts his/her reservation to a pre-order.
    7. Self-referrals or using your referral code and/or discount code for your own personal use is prohibited.
    8. Users/affiliates will only use approved affiliate tracking links, QR codes, discount codes, customer promotions, and marketing materials provided by The Last Gameboard, Inc.
    9. Users/affiliates shall earn only on new customer transactions. Influencer shall not earn commissions from existing customers.
    10. The Last Gameboard, Inc. reserves the right to amend, suspend, or terminate the referral program at any time.
    11. Referral links will remain valid for thirty (30) days (from the time the referral link was clicked/used). Purchases made by referrals past the said duration will no longer count as a referred-made purchase.
    12. The Last Gameboard, Inc. reserves the right to amend the commission rates without prior notice.
    13. The Last Gameboard, Inc. reserves the right to revoke the approval, suspend or terminate any participant that violates our referral terms and conditions.
    14. The Last Gameboard, Inc. reserves the right to withhold pending commissions of participants who are suspended or have been terminated.

Coupon/discount codes terms and conditions.

Select users who are part of our exclusive referral program (Affiliates) will be issued a coupon/discount code they can share. The coupon code will hold a specific discount value or percentage.

      1. The coupon code will only work for eligible new customers.
      2. The coupon code cannot be combined with other coupon codes.
      3. The coupon code cannot be used on discounted products.
      4. Not all users/affiliates are eligible to receive a coupon code.
      5. Affiliates cannot use their coupon codes for their own purchases.
      6. The Last Gameboard, Inc. may revoke the Affiliate's coupon code if the Affiliate is proven to be abusing the promotion.
      7. The Last Gameboard, Inc. reserves the right to amend, suspend or discontinue the coupon code's design, value or customer eligibility without prior notice.
      8. General referral terms and conditions apply.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact