August 4-7, 2022

5th edition adventure

Tides of Wildemount

Join Jason Azevedo, the first Dungeon Master to lead Matthew Mercer through his own campaign world as a player, in a high seas adventure across the Menagerie Coast. Or join his creepy gothic horror adventure set in the Dread Realms in Into The Mists!


TTRPG Adventures

Join the Party!

Join Ben (author of Adventures Await), Carlos (writer for Pathfinder) or Phil (Head of Community for Gameboard) for an exciting 5th Edition or Pathfinder adventure and bring your minis to use with our interactive TTRPG gaming console!


Play popular board games on our innovative new tabletop gaming console!

Join us for some digital versions of some of your favourite games. Play on our large interactive display combine with physical miniatures, game pieces, or connect your mobile phone to Gameboard to roll dice and play cards directly from our Companion App!

Wings of Glory on Gameboard

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