We are thrilled to report that your Gameboard is nearly ready to ship! As you have followed our journey, you are aware of the challenges surrounding the global supply chain and the potential impact it’s had on creating a new, innovative games marketplace on a completely new hardware system.

That brings us to today’s news…

Because of the ongoing supply chain challenges, we’ve taken the proactive step to build and ship Gameboard units as the individual components become available vs waiting until we can fulfill all of our Kickstarter backers simultaneously. Because of this, the unit of Gameboard you will be receiving is part of our Beta release.

What does this mean?

Hardware is 99% complete and will be assembled here in the United States in low batch volumes. There will be no noticeable changes from the version you will receive from the final consumer release this summer.

Gameboard’s operating system is also currently in Beta, which means there will be bugs. We will release continuous updates to the Gameboard (you can make the OS updates directly on the board, with a touch of a button). Games are also currently in Beta, and our incredible game partners are working hard to push updates regularly.

As a key member of our Beta program, you will need to agree to the beta terms of use. What we need from you:

Feedback: What do you like? Love? Want to change? Hate? (We love feedback and want to continually make Gameboard better.) You can share it all in our special Beta channels on Discord (Phil loves hearing that sort of stuff… 😏)

Bug reporting (directly on Gameboard and via our support page at

Participating in our Beta User Testing community. Phil will host weekly AMAs to discuss how we are doing, updates, fixes. He’ll also host special Beta play-testing sessions.

Games feedback, how can we make the experience better?

We realize this might not be something you want (or have time) to do and we totally understand. If you’d still like to receive your unit, please enter your contact details below to help us validate your order.

Do not worry if you aren’t ready to receive your unit or want to wait until we are more polished with Gameboard OS and the games. You will have an opportunity every month to accept your Gameboard unit moving forward.

Once Beta is complete, you can keep your unit or can exchange it for the production-ready unit. If you choose to exchange your beta unit, you will get to keep your serial numbers.

Enter your contact details to receive your Gameboard Beta acceptance form