Gameboard1 – The Last Gameboard


Chose between an all digital or a blended physical-digital gaming experience.

A Revolutionary Platform

Unlimited Gaming

We partner with some of the biggest names in hobby, arcade and innovative games and add more partners and more games daily!

Intuitive Interactions

Gaming Enhancement, Not Replacement

We believe technology should enhance game play and not replace it. We take painstaking efforts to ensure that every digital action is as intuitive as its analog counterpart.

Design and Display

It's all screen.

Gameboard-1 produces a brilliant 16 inch by 16 inch square display that provides an orientation-agnostic gaming experience.

Innovative Technology

Blend Physical with the Digital

Our vision is to create a revolutionary, social gameplay platform that bridges the gap between the physical and digital like nothing before.

Private Screen Integration

Expand Your Gameplay

Combine your own iOS or Android device for private screen or augmented reality gameplay.

Let's Play