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Designed for our valued Gameboard owners, our invite-only Gameboard Game Master Program by curating gaming experiences together. Join us in sharing the Gameboard magic and play together.

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The Game Master Program is an invite-only program, currently extended only to a select group of Gameboard owners. If you proudly own a Gameboard and would like to be considered, please express your interest by clicking the red button above.

  • Sponsored Game Nights: As a Gameboard GM, you can reimburse some of your expense on munchies and sips from your Gameboard game nights ($50 max per game night).
  • Earn as You Recommend: Enjoy a referral $25 commission when your referrals reserve a Gameboard.
  • VIP Access to Gameboard Events: Select Gameboard GM will receive invitations from closed-door Gameboard events or big conventions like Gen Con. All expenses paid. Subject to our T&Cs.
  • Inside Scoop: Being a GM means you're in our inner sanctum. Stay ahead with updates, news, and the latest in gaming – exclusively for your eyes.
  1. Eligibility: This program is exclusively available to Gameboard owners located in the United States.
  2. Age Requirement: To become a Gameboard Game Master, you must be at least 18 years old.
  3. Privileges of a Gameboard Game Master:
    1. You have the option to request reimbursement for expenses related to food and drinks for each Gameboard game night. Proof of game night is required in the form of social posts, using one of the following approved hashtags and by tagging any of Gameboard’s official social media channels.
    2. You may receive a commission for every confirmed referral who makes a reservation for a Gameboard.
    3. You may have the opportunity to be selected for exclusive Gameboard events and participate in major conventions.
  4. Restrictions for Gameboard Game Master:
    1. You are not permitted to invite individuals under the age of 18 to your Gameboard game nights.
    2. Any form of betting or facilitating betting during your Gameboard game nights is strictly prohibited.
    3. Profanity and abusive behavior towards your game night invitees are not tolerated.
  5. Gameboard's Discretion:
    1. Gameboard reserves the right to modify or cancel any or all of your privileges at any time.
    2. Gameboard also reserves the right to suspend or terminate your Game Master account and revoke your Gameboard Game Master privileges if you are found to be abusing our program, our platform, or our community.
    3. Gameboard General Terms of Use apply.

Fill out the form below, and await your exclusive invitation. For any queries, drop us a line at with "Question about the game master program" as the subject line. Thanks!