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All about the User Experience

November 11, 2020 The first batch of developer alpha Gameboards will be arriving in December. They are already allocated to be used with some of our game development partners (including Developer Tier of Kickstarter Backers). We have a small batch for media/reviewers as well. Do you have a favorite place you’d like to see review/live demo Gameboard? Email with your idea! We have made progress in the UX department with our in-house product designer. Jennifer “Unicorn Powered” Purcell!  The product design team has been working hard to make every interaction on our devices special. Initial steps are underway, mapping out our key user flows and wire-frames, giving extra focus to unique interactions to the Gameboard UI, and designing a...

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Patents, Manufacturing and Tech... oh yeah!

October 2, 2020 The evolution of board games is quickly approaching. We hope this update finds you safe and healthy! We've had a busy month and are excited to share our progress. Patent Achieved  We are thrilled to announce that all 19 TLG patent claims have been approved by the USPTO. This was an incredible achievement for our team and young company as it further illustrates the fact that we are building something that has never been done before. Gameboard’s advanced technology functionality and design delivers outstanding touch-sensitivity and recognition to create immersive play experiences that merge the physical and digital worlds seamlessly. What we are achieving with our technology does not exist on the market today. We will share...

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We are pushing ahead, STRONG!

September 2, 2020 Another month has passed by quickly.  We have been steadily moving along, hitting our milestones and making progress. We first want to thank all of the incredible people who participated in our FIVE WEEK LONG User Experience exercise last month with Well Grounded Designs & the Flatiron School! We got some amazing feedback and guidance around it.  We will be looking to engage with you more in the next month with more exercises, especially around game development. We have begun on-boarding our developers into our Software Development Kit (SDK) & Simulator. We have started assembling and sending hardware to select developers. This is a HUGE milestone! Over the next few months we will be doing a roll...

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Restoration Games and TLG Partnership

July 21, 2020 We are so excited to announce that we are partnering with Restoration Games to create Stop Thief Cybercrime Edition only on Gameboard-1's revolutionary platform. Restoration Games is a uniquely suited partner because both Restoration and TLG embrace the magic of integrating technology with tabletop games to create compelling experiences around digital & physical integrations. Stop Thief was a classic that appealed to a wide range of players in everything from experience levels to ages and the digital edition is being designed to do the same in the 21st century. Shail Mehta, TLG CEO explained  “The goal of Gameboard-1 is to use our technology to marry the tactile experience of gameplay into the digital world. We want players...

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The only constant in life is change.

Wow.  Seems like the old saying, “May you live in interesting times” has really taken the world by storm. The roaring twenties have a new meaning for most of us now.  We are only halfway through the year and have been witness to and participated in so much change already. The Last Gameboard was created to help facilitate change.  We are building community and connection between human beings.  When we are in a community, our differences don’t seem so large; we are happier and healthier.  We aren’t just building a consumer appliance or “a better mousetrap”.  We are building an ecosystem to help better the future. This future is far from straightforward.  Where others have failed at this seemingly Sisyphean...

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To Buy or Subscribe?

To Buy or Not to Buy, that is the question. Maybe it comes down to Gen X vs Millennial, but the preferences to buy or subscribe are strong!  Instead of forcing our community into one or the other, we give our players the option for either/both. Buy If you are of the buy persuasion, you can still buy a game (perpetual digital rights).  TLG doesn’t set the cost of the game. We charge our game creators a flat 30% (just like Google Play or Apple App Store) for outright purchases.  You can expect the digital versions to cost much less than standard retail. Why? Let’s take a look at an example: Retail game cost at local game shop:   $50 Wholesale...

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“Hardware Is Hard”: Why Gameboard-1 Will Be the World’s First Hobby Gaming Console

There is a common mantra out there today: “Hardware is hard.”  There is a lot of good anecdotal evidence of this too. How many of us have backed something on Kickstarter only to see it go up in smoke?  So why does TLG think we can do any better?  …This ain’t our first rodeo. Gameboard-1 is coming. To be successful in a hardware/software platform, you need real world experience and experienced partners.  TLG fully understands this and has assembled an incredible team and partner network to ensure our success and ability to deliver a paradigm shifting tabletop gaming experience. Ideation That is the most common response we get at TLG.  This is an idea who’s time has come.  We have spent the...

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