We are pushing ahead, STRONG!

We are pushing ahead, STRONG!

September 2, 2020

Another month has passed by quickly.  We have been steadily moving along, hitting our milestones and making progress. We first want to thank all of the incredible people who participated in our FIVE WEEK LONG User Experience exercise last month with Well Grounded Designs & the Flatiron School! We got some amazing feedback and guidance around it.  We will be looking to engage with you more in the next month with more exercises, especially around game development.

We have begun on-boarding our developers into our Software Development Kit (SDK) & Simulator. We have started assembling and sending hardware to select developers. This is a HUGE milestone! Over the next few months we will be doing a roll out to the entire developer community and shipping out developer boards.

The picture is of Serenity Forge working on Restoration Game’s Stop Thief Cybercrime! They are building the game in Unity. You can see TLG’s Simulator on the left side.

On the hardware side we have added a new lead hardware engineer and have specified our key components.  This was a long process given the unique demands of Gameboard.  We have adopted a next generation touch controller that exceeds our initial vision and will allow touch interactions not capable on today's touch devices.

Another huge achievement is that we have secured investment from a leading global venture capital firm called SOSV/HAX. SOSV is a venture capital and investment management firm that provides seed, venture and growth stage funding to startup companies in the technology sector. The company's focus is on accelerating startups via their market specific seed accelerator programs located in Europe, Asia and the USA. Our partnership with SOSV will allow us to scale and rapidly manufacture Gameboard, without any gaps in funding.

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