To Buy or Subscribe?

To Buy or Subscribe?

To Buy or Not to Buy, that is the question.

Maybe it comes down to Gen X vs Millennial, but the preferences to buy or subscribe are strong!  Instead of forcing our community into one or the other, we give our players the option for either/both.


If you are of the buy persuasion, you can still buy a game (perpetual digital rights).  TLG doesn’t set the cost of the game. We charge our game creators a flat 30% (just like Google Play or Apple App Store) for outright purchases.  You can expect the digital versions to cost much less than standard retail. Why?

Let’s take a look at an example:

  • Retail game cost at local game shop:   $50
  • Wholesale game selling price:               $25
  • Typical profit margin:                             $4 (15% of the wholesale cost)

Using TLG to publish the game, a game creator could charge as little as $5.72 to achieve the same profit of $4.  In reality, the games will likely vary in TLG purchase cost from $5 to $10, but could certainly be higher based upon the production costs of the game.


If you prefer a Netflix and binge approach, we allow for a flat subscription fee to access the entire library of TLG games.  This is perfect if you like to try the latest and greatest games, expansion packs or themes. However, game creators typically see subscription models as bad for revenue.  Our subscription model aligns the interests of game players and game creators by ensuring game creators are rewarded for putting out great content.

In legacy subscription models (e.g. Spotify), the total subscriber base would contribute to an overall royalty pool.  Then each content provider would get a split of the royalty pool according to how many plays of that content were in ratio to the rest.  This meant dilution of plays and pennies per play.

The TLG subscription model allocates the subscription royalty to the actual game(s) being played.  For example, the royalty pool on a per subscriber basis is $10. That subscriber then plays one game for the month.  That entire $10 from that user goes to that game creator. (Compare this to the $4 they get in analog play.) In another example, the subscriber may play three games in the month in a ratio of 2:1:1 of play time.  This would allocate that $10 as $5, $2.50, and $2.50 to the game creators respectively. The end result is that game creators are rewarded for putting out superior content that game players love and want to play repeatedly.


Whichever you choose (or if you choose both!), we want you to have the flexibility to play as you want or as your budget allows.  We are democratizing the game creation, publishing and playing process and look forward to playing with you!

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