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Tabletop Games: The Next Frontier for Esports

Developers are finally starting to embrace tabletop games. Devices such as Gameboard are offering a platform for fans to use, gather, and socialize. Overall, the phenomenon of digital tabletop gaming needs to naturally ease its way into the eSports sphere. So keep your eyes peeled, tabletop gaming is coming to mainstream gaming.

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Games Update: Let’s Launch!

To get things launched (pun intended!), we are so excited to announce that we are working with Auroch Digital to bring Mars Horizon: BLAST OFF! to Gameboard! In Mars Horizon: BLAST OFF! each player aims to complete the first crewed mission to Mars.  To achieve this galactic task, you run your own space agency, making all the key decisions: which rockets to build, what missions to run, and where to spend resources. Take risks to make space-history. Number of Players: 1 - 4  Playing time: 20 - 60 mins  Age rating: 9+  Gameplay: Competitive, solo or coop card and dice game We have been making tremendous progress with game studios and indie developers to bring their games to Gameboard.  Starting this month we will...

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