Patents, Manufacturing and Tech... oh yeah!

October 2, 2020

The evolution of board games is quickly approaching. We hope this update finds you safe and healthy! We've had a busy month and are excited to share our progress.

Patent Achieved 

We are thrilled to announce that all 19 TLG patent claims have been approved by the USPTO. This was an incredible achievement for our team and young company as it further illustrates the fact that we are building something that has never been done before. Gameboard’s advanced technology functionality and design delivers outstanding touch-sensitivity and recognition to create immersive play experiences that merge the physical and digital worlds seamlessly. What we are achieving with our technology does not exist on the market today. We will share the patent information as it becomes public in the next 4-6 weeks so you can see the details yourselves. 

Hardware Development Update

Gameboard Alpha units have gone into production! Including manufacturing, testing, and quality assurance. These Gameboards will be delivered starting in December to our partnering game studios and content developers to continue creating enhanced and immersive game experiences for our fans. These are the development tier backers of Kickstarter.

Other big news! We received delivery of our next-gen, proprietary touch controllers that will unleash the true magic of Gameboard. This is the tech delay we took advantage of during COVID that is now ramped up and in full swing.

Software Development Update

Our Head of Software, Travis Porter, is launching Gameboard Office Hours to address any developer questions about the SDK, the go-to-market roadmap, and really, anything you want to ask. Developer Tier backers will receive a  separate personalized email with further details.

Lastly, we continue building the Gameboard Developer Roadmap for our companion APP and game center storefront, inclusive of player profiles, search, ratings, and commerce. Look for updates in the coming weeks.

TLG In The News

The Future of Digital Tabletop - Jonathan Lai & Andrew Chen at a16z did an incredibly in-depth piece about the Future of Digital Tabletop. Check out the great article and the shoutout to Gameboard.

"Today, more than 40 million people play D&D around the world and sales have grown by double-digit percentages for the last five consecutive years. No longer a fringe hobby, D&D features prominently in mainstream and celebrity culture (call it the “Stranger Things” bump).

Mojo Nation Panel

What’s the future of board games? Our Founder, Shail Mehta, joins a panel of game designers and our own, Lee Allentuck, to help answer that question. Check it out:

Thank you for your continued support! One board. All play.

The TLG Team 

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