Gameboard Rocked Gen Con (again)!

Gameboard Rocked Gen Con (again)!

We’re back from another year at GenCon, and was it ever an event! This year dice was rolling in droves as over 50,000 gamers and cosplayers roamed the exhibition hall and play halls ready to find, play and buy new games.

Speaking of new, this year over at our Gameboard booth, for the first time we showed off “Grid” on Gameboard where we paired 2 Gameboards together and demoed not only maps extending from one Gameboard to the next, but also minis traveling from one board to the next as well as line of sight dynamically syncing between boards. That could have been one of the contributing factors (along with Robb’s always cheery disposition, if you haven’t met him yet at one of our events you definitely should) to us winning a “Best of GenCon 2022” accolade from 

Gameboard at Gen Con - Boards Connected

Gameboard at Gen Con - Gaming Trend Winner

We also invited the amazing team from Foundry VTT to join us at our booth as they demonstrated one of the most requested VTTs to land on Gameboard. Foundry VTT not only brings a large audience to Gameboard, but also opens the doors to a large library of content that players can bring to their campaigns, like official Pathfinder content from Paizo and the new upcoming Everyday Heroes 5E from Evil Genius Games.

“Gameboard is a game changer in the tabletop space. Its ability to take an analog experience and digitize it, automating all the slow messy parts, makes the possibilities endless for where it can go. I personally can't wait to have one of my own!” - Benjamin Palmer, Author of Adventures Await 

Gameboard at Gen Con with Becca Scott

Outside of the thousands of people who stopped by our booth (including luminaries Tom Vassel and Mark Streed of Dice Tower, Mark Meer of Black Dice Society and voice of Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard, Ted Sikora of Nerd Immersion, Becca Scott of Good Time Society, and B Dave Walters from D&D’s newest show Legends of the Multiverse), we also hosted over 46 different gaming events on Gameboard bringing in hundreds of players and even more gawkers. Players got hands on with games like AEG & Nomad Games’ Mystic Vale, Steve Jackson’s Ogre, Stop Thief from Restoration Games, Asmodee’s Terraforming Mars, Viticulture from Digidiced, Wings of Glory from Ares Games & Direwolf Digital, and Joshua Bakken’s ZU Tiles. 

Gameboard at Gen Con - Playtables

And of course, because we’re TTRPG nerds, we ran some massively popular D&D 5E and Pathfinder TTRPG sessions run by myself alongside our friends Benjamin Palmer (prolific TTRPG author who has penned over 100 D&D 5E adventures, including 40 in his new book Adventures Await), Carlos Cabrera (freelance TTRPG author who penned adventures for Pathfinder Society and is the new author for Evil Genius Games’ Total Recall content for their new Everyday Heroes TTRPG based on the 5th edition ruleset), and Jason Azevedo (creator of Into The Mist, Tides of Wildemount, Champions of the Realm, and his newest show Ink-U-Bus).

Players, many of which were game masters (or dungeon masters if you prefer), were blown away with how easy it was to pair their minis and start adventuring, as well as how much easier everyone could role play their characters knowing what was visible to their character dynamically. Easily one of the best parts of the convention was to see how excited players were when they moved their minis around during a gameplay session!

“I was running a Pathfinder Society quest I wrote using Foundry, and the moving line of sight feature with the minis was easily everyone's favorite part!” - Carlos Cabrera, Writer for Pathfinder Society and Everyday Heroes: Total Recall

Gameboard at Gen Con - Close Up DND Shot

With all of the great feedback and buzz coming of GenCon, we’re excited to make GenCon next year even better than ever!

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