Companion App & Unreal Engine!

Companion App & Unreal Engine!

December 15, 2020

We are excited to end the year with you on a high note! TLG won an Epic MegaGrant from the Unreal Engine. This will allow us to bring Unreal SDK to our developers, who are already building games in Unity. This was a huge win as we can now explore a deeper partnership with Unreal Engine to bring tabletop games already being created through them!

UX Update & Companion App

With the primary screens beginning to take shape, the product design team is pushing ahead to completing user flows for testing on the Gameboard. We are fully focused on making sure the player has a unique and special experience whenever they play with us.


As manufacturing is in full swing, we are focusing a lot of our efforts on our software operating system of Gameboard along with the companion App. Check out a demo below of our companion app backend work, playing with multiple phones directly onto Gameboard with digital cards!


Thank you for your continued support of TLG. We are so excited to start shipping out Gameboards to some of our early backers beginning next year!


TLG Team

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