All about the User Experience

All about the User Experience

November 11, 2020

The first batch of developer alpha Gameboards will be arriving in December. They are already allocated to be used with some of our game development partners (including Developer Tier of Kickstarter Backers). We have a small batch for media/reviewers as well. Do you have a favorite place you’d like to see review/live demo Gameboard? Email with your idea!

We have made progress in the UX department with our in-house product designer. Jennifer “Unicorn Powered” Purcell!  The product design team has been working hard to make every interaction on our devices special. Initial steps are underway, mapping out our key user flows and wire-frames, giving extra focus to unique interactions to the Gameboard UI, and designing a friction-less gateway into gaming. 


Tech Update

Our developers have been hard at work fleshing out the messaging API between the companion app and the game board and have set up the communication data models. Plugin support for more game engines has started. Work on the power system as well as case design have gone incredibly well.

Drivers for communicating with our new prototype touch controllers have made great progress. Our touch resolution and latency have greatly improved. We are now starting to refine our computer vision stack and gesture controls.

We are getting ready to arrange the first developer office hours with Travis Porter. Also showing off Stop Thief! Cybercrime Edition from Restoration Games on our next update!

More as it happens!

The TLG team

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