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Games Update & Case Color!

Gameboard SDK allows games being developed on Android, Unity, or Unreal Engine to easily add the exciting features available on the Gameboard Platform. Player presence - seat location, persistent player profiles Advanced touch - hover touch, piece detection/tracking Cloud data - game metadata, statistics, logging, session saving Companion experience - private screen, multi-screen, pre-made dice and card interactions, user prompts, remote play Multi-board experience - network board mirroring, board tiling, multi-board games

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Tabletop Games: The Next Frontier for Esports

Developers are finally starting to embrace tabletop games. Devices such as Gameboard are offering a platform for fans to use, gather, and socialize. Overall, the phenomenon of digital tabletop gaming needs to naturally ease its way into the eSports sphere. So keep your eyes peeled, tabletop gaming is coming to mainstream gaming.

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Games Update: Let’s Launch!

To get things launched (pun intended!), we are so excited to announce that we are working with Auroch Digital to bring Mars Horizon: BLAST OFF! to Gameboard! In Mars Horizon: BLAST OFF! each player aims to complete the first crewed mission to Mars.  To achieve this galactic task, you run your own space agency, making all the key decisions: which rockets to build, what missions to run, and where to spend resources. Take risks to make space-history. Number of Players: 1 - 4  Playing time: 20 - 60 mins  Age rating: 9+  Gameplay: Competitive, solo or coop card and dice game We have been making tremendous progress with game studios and indie developers to bring their games to Gameboard.  Starting this month we will...

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Happy New Year with a new way to play!

January 8, 2021 Happy New Year and thank you for standing by us through these trying times. We don’t need to list 2020 frustrations, well, because you know them all. We are looking forward to being able to have a full table at game night again!  Onto to bigger and better things, 2021, and what we’ve been working on, and man, have we been working!   Hardware Update The Good: We are so excited to have our developer boards nearing completion. Even with all the complicated covid delays and the upcoming Chinese New Year, we can’t wait to show you more photos and videos of the Gameboard and games in action later this month. The Bad: Not being near our...

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Companion App & Unreal Engine!

December 15, 2020 We are excited to end the year with you on a high note! TLG won an Epic MegaGrant from the Unreal Engine. This will allow us to bring Unreal SDK to our developers, who are already building games in Unity. This was a huge win as we can now explore a deeper partnership with Unreal Engine to bring tabletop games already being created through them! UX Update & Companion App With the primary screens beginning to take shape, the product design team is pushing ahead to completing user flows for testing on the Gameboard. We are fully focused on making sure the player has a unique and special experience whenever they play with us.   As manufacturing...

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All about the User Experience

November 11, 2020 The first batch of developer alpha Gameboards will be arriving in December. They are already allocated to be used with some of our game development partners (including Developer Tier of Kickstarter Backers). We have a small batch for media/reviewers as well. Do you have a favorite place you’d like to see review/live demo Gameboard? Email with your idea! We have made progress in the UX department with our in-house product designer. Jennifer “Unicorn Powered” Purcell!  The product design team has been working hard to make every interaction on our devices special. Initial steps are underway, mapping out our key user flows and wire-frames, giving extra focus to unique interactions to the Gameboard UI, and designing a...

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Patents, Manufacturing and Tech... oh yeah!

October 2, 2020 The evolution of board games is quickly approaching. We hope this update finds you safe and healthy! We've had a busy month and are excited to share our progress. Patent Achieved  We are thrilled to announce that all 19 TLG patent claims have been approved by the USPTO. This was an incredible achievement for our team and young company as it further illustrates the fact that we are building something that has never been done before. Gameboard’s advanced technology functionality and design delivers outstanding touch-sensitivity and recognition to create immersive play experiences that merge the physical and digital worlds seamlessly. What we are achieving with our technology does not exist on the market today. We will share...

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