Tabletop Gaming – The Next Dimension

Tabletop Gaming – The Next Dimension
Tabletop games have been around for as long as we can remember, and certainly longer than the video games we absorb today. Before we had Dualsense controllers and smooth 60FPS displays, we had dice, cards and tabletop boards to keep us entertained. However, even in the harsh light of 2021, tabletop games still enthrall us with their fantastically complex and tactical gameplay, their clever and stylish design and their intense pressure-filled moments. You may be asking yourself, how is this possible in this digital era? Well, in case you haven’t noticed, tabletop games have evolved.

In the last ten years, we have seen several well-known tabletop properties shift their attention to the digital sphere. We need only look at the likes of Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links or Pokemon TCG Online as an example of this. The reason for this change has been to appeal to a new generation of gamers who are looking for more experience-based gameplay. Now, we could list all the fantastic games that are on offer at the moment, but instead, we want to focus on the best way to find all these games and play them seamlessly with friends. So let us introduce you to Gameboard™.


The Best Way to Play

The Last Gameboard™ has created a product that aims to be the final destination to play and purchase all your favorite games. Through our proprietary 3D Touch technology and a keen interest in the tabletop market, we have created a product that acts as a portal that focuses solely on providing an amazing tabletop experience. Now, some cynics out there might say ‘isn’t this just a tablet?’ Well, the simple answer is no, let us tell you why. 

3D-Touch – Tablet-based games can’t offer an authentic tabletop experience. Gameboard’s 3D-touch technology is so sensitive, it can detect the hand gestures you make while playing a real tabletop game on it’s digital surface. Gameboard can detect and identify physical pieces (varying shapes, materials, sizes) on and above the board (that's right, Hover Tech). Gameboard creates a fun, unique play experiences that is unparalleled. Roll digital dice as if in real life, snatch to steal a card or even make a toss motion to ruin the game for everyone. This is the future for Game Nights! It’s so much more than just another tablet.

Total Immersion -  Gameboard enhances this part of the players experience with incredible visual and audio capabilities. It has powerful microphones, directional speakers, which will enable your games and campaigns to come to life. Measuring in at 16” x 16”, Gameboard’s unique square design provides a perfect view for every player. Pinch to zoom in and snap back out without distorting your game experience. If you’re planning on pairing up with pals with with other Gameboard units, place them side by side to increase the scale!

The Companion App – 
One of Gameboard’s key selling points is that if players appreciate the act of physically collecting in-game pieces, dice and other assets, it gives players the flexibility to do this. However, for those that are also digitally inclined, the companion app is a fantastic tool for tabletop gaming. This service allows players to join from afar through your mobile or tablet device on a game being run on Gameboard. You can hide and arrange your hand, steal cards from another player, and throw digital dice from across the table (or across the world for that matter). Gameboard’s Companion App extends the play experience far beyond the board without losing the face-to-face interaction. When it comes to tabletop gaming convenience, Gameboard is unparalleled. This will be available for iOS and Android, with browsers soon to follow.

Plenty of Space – Gameboard also comes with 64GB of memory, allowing players to download a wide variety of tabletop titles straight to their device. Games have exceptional load times, lag is seldom an issue, and if you do fill up your storage space you can add an SD card to up your storage capacity.

Invest In Your Last Ever Gameboard
As you can see, Gameboard is an experience tailored to the tabletop fanatic. It’s convenient, accessible, the game library and gameplay are of the highest quality and best of all, it allows you to still play physically as well as digitally.. It is truly the most versatile tabletop gaming platform on the market and is paving the way for a fully interactive tabletop experience. 
So that’s our rundown on the new tabletop experience that is sure to galvanize the genre in this new, digital age. What do you make of this product? Do you think this is the best way to play tabletop games in 2021? What aspect of this product excites you the most? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading. 

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