Shipping Updates + Foundry VTT + AMAs

Shipping Updates + Foundry VTT + AMAs

Game/Content Announcements

Popular and feature-rich roleplaying platform Foundry VTT is coming to Gameboard! So many of you have been demanding for the favorite online RPG, so here we are to deliver! We are doing a LIVE AMA w/the Foundry Team on Thursday (9th), so you can pop into our Discord and Twitch to watch Foundry + Gameboard in action.

FoundryVTT on Gameboard

It's also a fine day to be alive! Viticulture, the competitive wine-making game, will also be playable on Gameboard!

Viticulture on Gameboard

Shipping Update

If you have not claimed your Beta Unit yet, please reach out to ASAP.

As you know, we received all components of Gameboard in January and began assembling the units here in our office in Denver. We are individually assembling each board and testing them before shipping them to you. We've been able to send out a few units of these new units (this is now 99% complete) because had issues with our sideboard and the internal tests were hitting some walls. Travis on the video explains the side board issue.

We built more successful units of Gameboard this week! We found a path forward to solving the sideboard issue and need to do another cycle of testing next week to finish it out. If the solutions hold stable, we will ship MORE of these beauties out.

Our team is putting in hours around the clock, even on weekends to pull this off. Our focus is only on delivering you Gameboard and upholding the promises we have made. Please give us just a little bit more time to get these out (literally, two weeks). For me personally, the experience you have when you play is my priority above all else. I’ll happily start the trend of #wtfimg (where the f*** is my Gameboard). We see the finish line and it’s just a couple weeks away from full Beta Release!

Also, many of you have been asking to see behind-the-scenes of us assembling Gameboard and shipping them out. As requested, check out some of these photos/footage of our incredible engineers putting together Gameboard!

Live Ask-Me-Anything

It’s my solemn promise to you to give you constant updates until all KS units are fulfilled. As such, Tim (my partner/cofounder) and held a live AMA on Tuesday, March 5th at 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific on our Twitch ( -- be sure to follow our channel to get notified when we go live and for all other future livestreams) to answer your questions and show you Gameboard.

Keep them coming on Discord and happy to answer them!

Conventions are back in action!

As a reminder, we are VERY active on our Discord. Thank you all!!

- Shail

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