New Games, New Case Design, Operating System, & GenCon!

New Gameboard case finalized. Introducing TLG Operation System (TLGOS): Manticore. Our Beta Program. And Gameboard at GenCon.

June 17, 2021 |

Thanks for being patient with us as we’ve been heads down building Gameboard, but the good news is we have some big announcements for you! This is gonna be a long update to make up for the gap, so buckle in.

It was just announced today that Shail (our CEO and Co-Founder) has been nominated as a finalist for the Mojo Nation Play Creators Awards!

  • Rising Star - Shail
  • Play Innovator of the Year - Shail
  • R&D Team of the Year - The Last Gameboard

A huge congratulations to all the finalists, and may the best Gameboard win ;)

Before we jump in, here are some games you can expect to see on Gameboard at launch!

Ogre Gloom Mystic Vale EncounterPlus Zu Tiles 

Case Finalized

We want to thank you all for the incredible feedback around the color & design of Gameboard. After spending weeks over-molding issues, costs, shipping, weight and design, we have finalized the case design & color of Gameboard. We really wanted to do the red bottom but alas, cost got in the way! What do you think? You may see some additional tweaks prior to launch.

New Gameboard case

TLG Operation System (TLGOS): Manticore

We are so pleased to give you the first look into our operating system which is now up and LIVE! Check out this in-depth video (below) of our platform and incredible features of PLAY, GATHER and REVIVE. We will be doing bi-monthly video updates as we take you into our platform, play games, and do some fun live AMAs with the team as well as some very exciting special guests!

As many of you know, we migrated over from Linux to Android earlier this year. In the video below, you will see the demo game Shail starts, showing an outline of our unlimited touch. (And yes, we’ve heard you — we have more real gameplay videos coming soon!)

This touch outline is what makes our underlying technology so different than a tablet and many of our competitors. The influencer tier will receive the version of Gameboard you see below here on the video! The very FIRST Gameboards outside of Developers! They will not be the final production units the rest of the backers will receive but we are working through final mechanical and thermal issues before shipment of those this fall.


Check out our live session with the iconic Steve Jackson, as we chat about Ogre on Gameboard.

Closed Beta Program

We will be launching our closed BETA program and will be inviting all of who have purchased a Gameboard to participate. HOW you ask? Our email directly to you will explain everything next month. You will be able to create your profile, name your Gameboard, and join virtual gaming sessions that influencers will be conducting with their boards. We are super excited to get you in and playing while you wait for your Gameboards to arrive!

Closed Beta Program

Gameboard at GenCon

Play Gameboard with us at GenCon on September 16 - 19! We have a large 20' x 20' booth to accommodate many simultaneous game plays! If you are thinking of coming, please stop by our booth and play some games with us on Gameboard! We will share out more information closer to GenCon, September 17th weekend!

Thank you for your continued support, Game ON!

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