Games Update & Case Color!

Games Update & Case Color!


Games Update

We have been VERY busy cranking away and are excited to share our progress with you. 

Every Wednesday we have begun announcing new studios & games coming to Gameboard™ (follow us for up-to-date information on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) This month we announced three awesome studios, EncounterPlus, Skyship Studios and ZU Studios.

Skyship Studios, EncounterPlus, Zu Studios

***What you want matters to us! Do you have a studio or a game that you’d love to see on Gameboard? Let us know in the comments!

Product  Update

We are in the midst of polishing and standardizing all of the designs that have been built since October. We have a Style Guide and Design System that we’ve begun to build, helping us with a scalable and unified product going forward. We also have built our new Player Drawers, and are very excited about their potential and uses.

Tech Update

Do you love this sound as much as us?! Check out this video of us unboxing the latest delivery. 


Gameboard OS

Progress this month on both the user experience and core services have been night and day. This has allowed us to perform more user testing in the actual environment. We have also improved our emulation offering for game developers.

Gameboard SDK

Gameboard SDK allows games being developed on Android, Unity, or Unreal Engine to easily add the exciting features available on the Gameboard Platform.

  • Player presence - seat location, persistent player profiles
  • Advanced touch - hover touch, piece detection/tracking
  • Cloud data - game metadata, statistics, logging, session saving
  • Companion experience - private screen, multi-screen, pre-made dice and card interactions, user prompts, remote play
  • Multi-board experience - network board mirroring, board tiling, multi-board games

HELP: New Case Color! 

We’ve updated the case that holds everything together with a sleeker look and clean supportive interior. Before we put in the order....We need your input! Would you like to see a black, charcoal, dark red, red, or white Gameboard Case?? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for your support!

The Gameboard Team


  • Anonymous

    I like the idea of a charcoal case

  • Kathie Cox

    I vote for the dark red or charcoal for the game board case.

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