Gameboard Developers Guide and SDK Access

Gameboard Developers Guide and SDK Access

Welcome to Gameboard! Familiarize yourself with our game development process through our Game Developers Guide. You'll also find information on installing our Unity SDK pre-fab and see our best practice code for easier implementation of Gameboard system events, consuming our SenseScreen data packets, in-game analytics, and interacting with the Gameboard Companion App.

The following will also be helpful in your journey in developing games:

  • Discord Developer Community: We have created a developer-only channel to pair you with other developers that are working with the Gameboard SDK for peer-to-peer input/help.

  • Zendesk Support Portal: Please report any bugs and/or SDK enhancement requests to us at our Support page. We will match these tickets to our JIRA instance and notify you when the fix/enhancement has gone live.

  • Gameboard Dev Kits: We have a limited number of Gameboard devkits available for rental during our beta program. If you would like to get a loaner Gameboard for game testing, please make a request to Tim (CTO) directly (

  • We will have monthly AMAs to help answer any questions you may have as you build your incredible games for Gameboard!

  • Creator Portal: This is in the final works, and you'll each be invited to create a Creator account on our Creator Portal to upload finished APK and marketing assets.

We can't wait to see what incredible experiences you'll come up with!

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