Gameboard Beta comes to an end. What's next?

Our team has officially completed our Beta Program! It’s a bittersweet moment. On the one hand, it's an opportunity to celebrate the hard work that went into developing and testing the product, and on the other hand, it marks the end of a period of intense collaboration and feedback that can be difficult to let go of. But, closing the Beta program is a vital step as we move towards our goal of releasing the final product.

Celebrating our successes and evolution

Throughout the beta program, we received valuable feedback from our Beta users, which we used to improve the Gameboard’s user interface, gaming experience, and overall functionality. We want to stress, none of it would be possible without our Beta users' fantastic support and feedback. The support tickets, weekly Beta Office Hours attendance, and one-on-one sessions have all been put to good use in helping us build a terrific product. Additionally, our Beta program helped grow our community of gamers and fans - all of who we are so thankful for giving their time and effort to help test Gameboard. We are very excited for our community as they get their final release Gameboards!

Gameboard Beta Stats

What we accomplished

Creator Portal & SDK Release One of our primary objectives is to democratize board game creation with the help of our partners at Unreal Engine & Unity. We released our Software Development Kit and have developers' Gameboards ready for utilization. Our SDK allows developers to create any game for our platform, they can upload their APKs onto our creator portal, tie in their metadata, payment details and the Gameboard team does a quick internal check, and we can deploy it onto our platform.

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What's next?

With the beta program now closed, we’re all laser-focused on finalizing the final product for release. It would still involve additional testing, tweaking, and refining to ensure the best possible user experience. As for the future of social gaming, Gameboard represents an exciting development. By combining traditional tabletop games with digital enhancements, Gameboard is able to provide a unique and engaging social gaming experience that could appeal to a wide range of gamers. That said, we’re ready for the world! GAME ON!