April Shipping & Games Update

April Shipping & Games Update

Tech Update

The B.L.U.F (Bottom Line Up Front)

Player experience remains our top priority as we get these beta units out. As you know, we came across an unexpected hardware change that would have impacted player experience and decided to push back releasing more beta units until we could get the updated PCBAs from our manufacturer. Those boards are currently in production and we will have them this month. In the meantime, we have hand-reworked some of the boards and have started assembling the Gameboards with them. This was a stop & go process to get the latest boards (our facility in China was shut down due to covid for a week, shipping issues ,etc.,). We build, assemble, verify & test everything right here in Colorado. It's definitely a little slower, but vital for us at this stage. I appreciate your patience as we worked through the issues. Check out below a video of our engineers putting together the Gameboards that will be your units!


#WTFIMG is ON and we know you are dying to get Gameboard into your hands, but as a former colleague of mine liked to say:

"I can explain why it's late. I can't explain why it's wrong."

The Hardware

FCC certification is coming along nicely and we should have it by the end of month. This doesn't effect us shipping more beta units but does affect final production release this fall. That means CE certification (for our Europe supporters) is fast on its heels!

The Software

We have shifted our focus on the software side of Gameboard from mostly feature building to now mostly feature enhancement and polishing. As the world's first multi-user device, this is a new paradigm and we are working hard to make it as intuitive as possible.

Our critical focus points include:

  • Gameboard OS (GOS): Continue to optimize AOSP using our own touch technology for multi-user and low-latency.
  • Platform Standardization: Ensure process to join a Gameboard (via player drawer and/or Companion) is straightforward along with deploying a robust cross-platform lobby system.
  • Platform Personalization: Tabletop gamers are as unique as they come (ourselves especially included)! We have an exciting roadmap of personalization that begins with making each Gameboard unique to you (with much more to come)!
  • Companion Enhancements: Continue to simplify and enhance the dice, card and tile experience for local and remote play. (Download Companion on Google Play or App Store today!)
  • Beta Program Enhancements: This is why your feedback is so critical. You will have impact on the immediate roadmap as we lead up to full production launch in December.

Product Update:

  • New Gather System that makes the player able to be more engaged and more a part of our Gameboard Community.
  • Discover - A feed of new games, recommendations, open games, and more.
  • Friends - A feed of Moments shared by friends playing on and around Gameboard products, recommendations, and more.
  • Events - Guild events, open games, Gameboard sponsored tournaments, and Journey Achievements.
  • New Cactus for the office, its name is Bundle Of Pokeys.
A Bundle of Pokeys!
  • Carry Bag for Gameboard to help players go wherever the play is. (We know you've all been asking for carrying bags in Discord, now they are officially coming!)

Gameboard Bag
  • Website Redesign for post BETA has begun.

Shipping Update:

Prior to the arrival of the re-spun PCBAs for beta release, we are still shipping out Gameboards (so don't worry, some of you will still be receiving boards in the coming weeks).

However, we do expect to send out official beta-Gameboards starting in May (for real this time)! We will be able to cover everyone who has signed up for the beta program.

Game Announcements:

Our content library continues to grow!!! We are thrilled to announce the addition of nearly a dozen new game publishers that have joined the Gameboard family.

Last month, we attended GAMA to show-off Gameboard and talk to publishers about our new platform and experience. The reception was amazing! So much so that we're going to be keeping our Dev Team busy for a long, long time!

Please join us in welcoming:

Gatwick Games, Smirk & Dagger Games, Solis Game Studio, The Good Game Company, Gobico Games, Barry & Jason Games, Abstract Puzzles, Yub Nub Games with more on the way! 2022 Games on Gameboard


This is just the tip of the iceberg in bringing fun and engaging play experiences to Gameboard! We cannot wait to show you more. Stay tuned!


We have been at several conventions the last couple of months such as - GAMA, GDC, Island Entertainment Expo, GenghisCON. It was a great time showing off the Gameboard to all different gaming companies and attendees.

The feedback has been tremendous from our community at these conventions. We've heard amazing feedback like "this is the future of tabletop gaming" and "this is by far the coolest things I've seen at this convention."

Tim Schukar and Lee Allentuck at GAMA 2022

Tim Schukar and Lee Allentuck at GAMA 2022

Phi playing Mystic Vale with attendees at Island Entertainment Expo

We are excited to come to more Conventions and Events this summer, including Origins and GenCon!

Phil, our Head of Community and resident Dungeon Master, was also recently invited to represent Gameboard at D&D In A Castle where he ran a series of 5th Edition one shots on Gameboard, which got rave reviews!

Gameboard at DND in a Castle Cover Shot

Gameboard at DND in a Castle Gamenight

Gameboard at DND in a Castle Shot


That's all for now. Hopefully for some of you, the next time you'll be hearing from us will be a notification that your Gameboard has shipped. Join us on Discord!

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