It's the Next Dimension in Tabletop

Gameboard is a complete gaming system that lets you play with anyone, anywhere, and with any game piece.

Your minis (and other game pieces) can now interact with your battlemaps and board games in a whole new way!

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Gameboard does what tablets, projectors, and other monitors or TVs can’t...

A lot of dungeon masters have built these amazing setups, full of dynamic maps using cheap computer monitors, tvs laid flat, or projectors pointing down at the table.

With Gameboard, not only can you bring those same dynamic battlemaps to your tabletop RPG sessions, but now your minis can actually interact with them! You can use your hands to play with games on the surface of Gameboard, as you would in real life.

Interact with your maps

Minis & Maps Work Together

Imagine moving a miniature on your battlemap and having both the fog of war and line of sight update in real-time as they move their mini around the battle map.

With Gameboard, that’s possible!

Don't take our word for it

Finally we’re going to have a game unit that plays the way WE want to play!

Computer graphics, with gameboard ease of play. We win!

Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson Games

Gameboard offers players an exciting hybrid experience that uniquely captures the strengths of both table top and digital games, offering players a new experience unlike anything we've done before.

Eric Francksen

Sky Ship Studios

The Gameboard party has arrived just in time with a critical save to provide a gaming experience that fits into existing campaigns, rewards existing investment in miniatures, and truly elevates immersion.

Brendan Mulligan

Riot Games

Last Gameboard’s […] the first to effectively tie collaborative physical and digital gameplay together while not losing the community, storytelling or competitive foundations that we all look for in gaming.

Garrett Winther


Remote play

Use Your Minis in Virtual Play

Want to play D&D (or other board games) remotely with a friend or family member, but miss being able to use your minis (or chess pieces)?

Now you can use your minis and so can you opponent ! As you move your character across the board, remote players can see your moves in real-time with virtual tokens on their Gameboard, and vice-versa!

Gameboard Features Stereo Speakers & Microphones

Prepare for Total Audio Immersion

With Gameboard’s stereo speakers and two powerful microphones, it’ll feel like those trolls (or troll friends) are actually in the room (fortunately, smells not included). 

With that kind of immersion, games come alive with sound and ambiance while your friends from far away, get to be in the room... even when they aren’t in the room.

All-Access Play

A Whole Library of Games to Play




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Connect multiple boards to create larger maps

Expand your tabletop

Mobile Companion App

The Power in Your Hands

Hide and arrange your hand. Steal cards from another player. Throw digital dice from across the table (or across the world for that matter). Gameboard’s Companion App extends the play experience far beyond the board without losing the face-to-face interaction. 

Available on all iOS, Android, and browsers soon.